The best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings For Emulator

Free Fire Sensitivity

A battle royale game called Garena Free Fire is a huge hit for both Android and iOS devices.

If you want to play a fast-paced mobile game on your PC or laptop, you can use apps like BlueStacks, Nox Player, and MEmu Play to run Android apps.

The player’s journey in free fire is hard. The right settings can help the player move up the ranks of the game more quickly.

With that in mind, this article gives gamers the best settings for PC emulators.

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of the author. These sensitivity settings are completely up to the player. They are very much based on what the player likes.

In what way is the Fire Sensitivity issue different?

The sensitivity problem affects the games. It causes the aim to speed up and become less accurate the longer this same player stays in “Shooting Mode.” These problems came up for a couple of various ways:

An Increase in Sensitivity
A 360-degree spin would make it impossible for the player to aim.

If the players wanted to fix this, they would have had to depart and re-enter Shooting Mode. This would reset the sensitivity . Not to notice that these problems could cause important eliminations to be missed, or even fights to be lost.

What are the best Free Fire sensitivity settings for PC emulators?

Here are the best settings for emulators:

General: 75-80

Red Dot: 85-90

2x Scope: 80-85

4x Scope: 80-85

AWM Scope: 40-45

Free Look: 70

If you don’t want the free look setting to affect your shooting, you can leave it at the default setting.

The sensitivity settings above are not set in stone and can be changed by the player.

Players should not copy the sensitivity settings of other players. They should not do this.

Making changes to the sensitivity settings in Free Fire

Change your sensitivity settings:
To start with, players must first click on the “gear” icon at the top right of their screen. This will open the settings menu.

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