How to Get Spotify Premium For free

Spotify giving free premium?

It sounds like Spotify is giving away a lot of their premium service for free.
Spotify is giving all of its users a free three-month Premium subscription. Here’s how you can get it. As a thank you to people who have never paid for Spotify Premium, they are getting a free three-month subscription to all Premium plans.

An very important life hack that will allow you to avoid paying the premium membership costs for the greatest audio streaming service.

What happens when you get Spotify Premium?

All the songs you can listen to are available on Spotify’s Premium tier, but there are no ads when you’re listening on your computer, phone, or tablet. Premium users can play any song they want at any time. They can also find and listen to playlists, find new music, make new playlists, and share music and playlists.

Why Spotify is best ?

It’s simple: if a user does not have a premium membership, the service forces them to listen to a barrage of advertisements.

For Windows

  1. Download and install Spotify
  2. Official resource https://www.spotify.com/us/download/windows/
  3. Open the “Spotify” application and log in.
  4. Now we’ll need “UnSpotify”
  5. Link: https://anonfiles.com/V5vdaf5axb/Unspotify-v1.0.2_zip
  6. which you can get here Or you can also use git.tcp.direct link:  https://git.tcp.direct/dg/Unspotify  just click on the link and download the archive.
  7.  You must use VPN  to download from Anonfiles file,.
  8. Open the archive and unpack it. It will consist of two files:
  9. Navigate to the “Spotify” folder ( \AppData\Roaming\Spotify ) and change the Spotify.exe file to oSpotify.exe.
  10. Restart your computer.
  11. Copy the files and paste it program’s directory.
  12. Hide the console by clicking any button on your keyboard and you’ll get a free premium membership.


For Android

  1. To begin, click on this link to download and install the “Manager v2.6” program (https://github.com/xManager-v2/xManager-Spotify/releases)
  2. Install and restrat your phone .
  3. Next, we will be presented with a menu that will allow us to customize the settings for the downloaded program..
  4. Choose the relevant version and download it from the proper location;
  5.  We may now enter into the downloaded program using our usual “Spotify” account and listen to music without being interrupted by advertisements;


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