How to Bypass Amazon 2FA

Method One

How to Bypass amazon card verification ?

Amazon Card bypass you buy 2 items – and once you’re in the checkout, you click “ship to multiple addresses” use the address that is verified to the card on one of them, and then use your address on the other item purchase the item, then cancel the one you sent to the card holders address, boom, you’re done

Simple as that – As soon as you get to the checkout, click the “ship to multiple addresses” button. On one of the things you buy, use the address that your credit card is linked to. Then, use your own address to buy the item. If you don’t have enough money, you can get around this by skipping a card. Then, cancel the one you sent to the card holder’s address, too.


Method Two

How to Bypass normal amazon 2fa ?

2fa has already passed here. If you want to bypass login 2FA, But not password reset 2FA, it has to be “login,” not “login.”

They will ask for your billing address, your name, and sometimes the last purchase, too. You can send them an email, but it’s not always possible. and very rarely, they will ask you for the expiration date of your credit card, but that’s not very often.

They will ask you to log into your account to show that you know the password. When they see that you do, they will let you apply for a device from your email account to use. So, of course, you should act like you are at a friend’s house, and use their phone to track your package or buy something.

Method Three

Alternative method instead of calling Bypass

If you don’t want to call Amazon, there is another way:

The easiest way to get your password back is to go to amazon.com and request a password reset. The most common security question will ask for the expiration date of your credit card. which you can find in the email.

For the card they make you do, type the last 4 digits in the email box with quotes like “4153”, so it will find orders where they used this card

You will find 90% of the time. Make sure to use your main IP or home IP with a low fraud score. If you’re still getting 2FA, don’t use a vpn or a high fraud score ip. play around with different browsers, devices, and IP addresses to see what works best for your needs.


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