10 Unique Websites And Fun

  • Colorize!

Website Link:

This website is a useful and useful site.

What makes it useful?

Guys, Suppose you or your loved one has a black and white or old photo that you want to color, which means you want to know what the photo would look like if it were colored instead of black and white. That is possible on this site. Yes, this site is able to color your black and white images with artificial intelligence. And I hope the results will not disappoint you.

Those who want to see the old black and white pictures in a colorful way must visit this site once. Just upload your image and at the same time, Ai will convert it to a color image.

  • Radiooooo

Website Link:

The work is real Radioooo. I have listed this website for those who love radio. You can go to this website and listen to what has been heard on the radios in different countries since 1900 till today.

There are many countries in the world. I find this website very interesting. And I will give a 100 out of 100 rating to the audio quality of the radio. If you have good earphones, you will understand the fun.

I will definitely ask you to visit this website once.

  • 2048

Website Link:

For those who like to play the 2048 game, this website will provide the ability to play the game easily without downloading anything. I have listed this site so that you will not think it is a website. It looks like you are playing a game by installing an application. So, those who like this game can try it. And those who do not like it, can visit the previous and next websites.

  • Stellarium Web Online

Website Link:

Those who have an idea of Stellarium will understand what I am talking about. And for those of you who don’t know, through Stellarium you will be able to see digitally the numerous planets and satellites, including the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and the small stars in the night sky. If you enter this website, you will see the earth’s surface and the night sky, where there are innumerable planets and stars scattered throughout.

You can zoom in on any planet or satellite to find out more about it. For those who like astronomy, I would suggest visiting the site once. Although there is a great application for this, this site does the same thing. You no longer have to download the application separately.

  • Giphy

Website Link :

Do you like GIFs?

But this site is for you. Here you will find a huge collection of gifs. Here you will also find various stickers with GIFs.

  • How Stuff Works

Website Link:

If you are a curious person like me, then this site is for you. Like the name of the website suggests, on the website you will find answers to many questions that you have in mind. This site has been created to give a solution to the questions that are circulating in the minds of people day and night.

Here you will find solutions to many questions about health, science, home and garden, auto, tech, culture, money, lifestyle, entertainment, adventure, and animals. Every day, different questions are answered on this site. So I would encourage you to check at least once.

  • Riddles with Answers

Website Link:

What are riddles?

The Bengali meaning of riddles is puzzle. For those who like to figure out the riddle or who want to use their brains to protect their brains from laziness, I would recommend checking out this website. Lots of riddles and solutions are given here every day.

Many people can have fun with these puzzles among friends. Many will also be able to test their own brain intelligence. I would definitely suggest this website for those who want to put themselves in the middle of a little challenge, which means they love to exercise their intellect. Because nowadays, most people are making their brains into factories of laziness from the internet. Remember, the lazy brain is the devil’s factory. Of course, many people know this saying.

  • Touch Painist

Website Link:

For those who are very fond of playing the piano but don’t know anything like me about the piano, I mean, just a hobby and want to see how it feels, I put this website on the list. This website will automatically generate various piano lessons for you. You can see on the website that there are small dots of different colors. The piano will play as soon as you touch them. The faster you tap them, the faster they will play. A great website for fun tricks.

  • A Soft Mumur

Website Link:

Do you like to hear rain, thunder, wind, fire, sea waves, birds chirping, or the light noise of a coffee shop?

Or suppose, when you have trouble sleeping at night, you suddenly think yes! Now if I could hear the light sound of the wind, the chirping of the rain or the melodious sound of the birds, I could relax and go to sleep. Exclude sleeping. Have you ever thought that? Without going anywhere outside to hear the noise of the city just to hear the light sound like rain, birds, or wind? These things are not usually heard now in this busy life. We are going to forget the sound of birds because of the mechanical noise of the city.

However, through this website, you will be able to hear all the words you have heard above, together or one by one, or whatever or whatever words you like. There is no problem for those who use mobile data. because data charges are much lower here. Those who are meditating or who are having trouble sleeping, can’t do anything with the sound of mechanical noise, don’t want to listen to music, and want to hear that wonderful call of nature can visit this website. For those who are not paying attention to anything, just listen to the call of nature in peace with earphones. I hope you like it.

  • Scratch

Website Link:

Nowadays, everyone knows that learning to code can be very useful now and in the future. And many think that if children get ideas about coding from an early age, they will be able to master it gradually.

This website is basically a coding learning website that is known all over the world. This website is designed for kids to learn coding easily. Those of you who are brand new to coding or if you want to teach coding to a child can visit this website once. Everything here is very simple and beautifully given. This website has been created in such a way that children can create digital stories, animations, and games on their own through this website. There is also an option to create and share here. It is primarily designed for children aged 6–18. This websites is designed in such a way that children can use it and enhance their creativity.

Everything is made so simple here that children can easily learn a lot by playing tricks. You can also visit this website.

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